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VAN is an association of more than 30 member winemakers from all over Italy who share a style of natural wine production

Why Natural Artisan Winegrowers?

We want wine to continue to be, as it has been for centuries, an invigorating and healthful food resource and to be at the same time the soul and memory of places.
We don't want it to be just a drink, but an artisanal product free from alterations and corrections, which inevitably compromise its integrity and real and substantial value.

Associated Winemakers

Wine is vital!

Come discover our philosophy and taste our natural wines.

The method

From must to wine
By calling a wine “artisanal and natural,” we mean to emphasize a cultural, philosophical and spiritual concept concerning the relationship between man and nature.
In wine, the expression of this relationship is spontaneous fermentation, the moment of natural transformation from must to wine, when work in the vineyard gives way to work in the cellar. This is the moment when all the uniqueness of the vintage and terroir can be delivered to the wine.
That is why our wines are all different, while adhering to the same basic rules of our Charter of Intent.

The land, the plants, the farmers

The commitment of those who make natural wines is to respect the life of the earth, plants and humans, to protect and preserve the vines and the entire ecosystem.
We want to be an expression of the land we cultivate, its history, its traditions, its wine and food culture.

Natural Wine

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